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Robert Groom

1st term

New York

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The New York Angus Association has unanimously endorsed Robert B. Groom as a candidate for election to the American Angus Association Board of Directors.

Robert was born on a dairy farm in Cheshire, England. He graduated from high school in 1984 at the age of 16. A year later he and his family moved to the 360-acre diversified stock farm of East Tullyfergus, Perthshire, Scotland.

He established the Tullyfergus Aberdeen-Angus Herd in 1987. As a first-generation breeder, the herd was built slowly as he studied the breed and its history. Funds to expand the herd were earned by operating a contract sheep-shearing business in June and July, where several people were hired to help him shear 30,000 ewes.

In 1989 he undertook a three-month study tour of the Angus breed in the United States, living and working with families raising Angus cattle in many different areas of the country.

Robert married his wife, Linda, in August of 1993, and rented the nearby farm of Balwhyme, used entirely for the production of registered Angus and malting barley. A herd of commercial Angus cows was used as recipients for embryos from their American donor cow and to promote the maternal and performance characteristics of the Angus breed to other producers.

In the United Kingdom (UK), Robert was appointed to the technical committee of the Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society (A-ACS) in 1996. During the time he served, this committee was primarily concerned with DNA parentage testing and estimated breeding values (EBVs). In 1997 he was elected to the council of the A-ACS. He served on the council for two years prior to coming to the United States in the fall of 1998. The Tullyfergus herd was dispersed in September 1998, and set a UK record for a registered Angus calf.

Since coming to the United States to pursue their “American Dream” in October 1998, Robert and Linda have reestablished the Tullyfergus Angus Herd near Lyons, N.Y. A 75-cow registered operation, producing bulls for commercial and registered cow-calf producers, show heifers and steers. In addition they provide management for a 70-cow commercial herd that produces top-quality steer calves and replacement females, recipients for embryos and club-calf prospects. They make more than 600 acres of dry hay each summer for feed for the two herds and to sell. A small amount of cash-cropping and custom round-baling is also undertaken.

Robert is an active member of the New York Angus Association (NYAA) and the New York Beef Producers Association (NYBPA), having served as president, vice president and secretary/treasurer. He is currently a director and co-junior advisor. He served as chairman and vice chairman of the western region of the NYBPA. In 2007 he was awarded the “Beef Promoter of the Year” award by the NYBPA and NY Beef Industry Council. The following year NYBPA presented him their highest award, Cattleman of the Year. In addition he has organized numerous promotional and educational events for both the NYAA and NYBPA to further the positive message about Angus genetics and beef consumption. He was selected to participate in the Beef Leaders Institute (BLI) program in 2009.

Bulls are sold by private treaty across the northeast, and each fall the herd hosts a production sale to offer some select females and top-quality commercial Angus females. This sale has been gradually expanded to assist other breeders and customers to market their cattle and commercial feeders.

Linda is a research associate at the University of Rochester Medical Center. They have three children, Oliver, 25; Charlotte, 21; and Evie, 16. After three years of legal work status, they decided in September 2001 to start the process to attain legal permanent residence in the United States (a Green Card). It was granted in April of 2008. After five more required years of residency, Robert and Linda both became citizens in 2014 (their daughters are natural born U.S. citizens).

All their children have shown cattle at local fairs and state fair. While the older two have moved on to pursue other interests, Evie continues to be an enthusiastic showman and undertakes all the halter-breaking and show cattle management. Gemma Wark, an intern from Scotland in 2015 and 2016, has reestablished the Tullyfergus herd in the UK using genetics exported from the herd in New York.

Robert was elected to the Lyons Central School Board of Education and served five years, including one as president. He was appointed to the board of the United States Cattlemen’s Association in 2021 as director for Region 15.

Those who know Robert appreciate his energy, enthusiasm and common sense. He has proven himself as a critical thinker and problem solver. He is a great student of breed history and pedigree.

Robert humbly asks for your consideration and support in electing him to the board.

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