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Loran Wilson Indiana

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The Indiana Angus Association (IAA) unanimously endorses Loran B. Wilson for the American Angus Association Board of Directors.

Raising Angus cattle nearly all his life, Wilson is a lifelong resident of Orleans in south-central Indiana, a prime area for beef cattle production. The Wilson farm consists of 820 acres, with approximately 420 acres of row crops and the balance in hay and pasture.

Wilson’s father began with a dairy operation, but health issues dictated a shift to beef cattle. He focused on the commercial market and repeatedly saw how Angus were outselling his Hereford cattle. Wilson was 4 years old when his dad sold the Herefords and purchased a herd of Angus cattle in 1958.

He grew up actively involved in the operation, as well as in 4-H and FFA. Following graduation from the Purdue Winter Course in 1973, having majored in animal science, he became a full-time partner in the business and became the sole owner and operator upon his father’s death in 1997.

Wilson married his wife, Kathy, in 1980 and they have three daughters, Kristi, Kara and Katelyn. The girls were active members in both the Indiana Junior Angus Association (IJAA) and NJAA, enjoying both the leadership contests and the show ring. Two are now active in the beef industry with Katelyn joining the family operation.

Regularly producing top-quality carcass cattle is the priority at Wilson Angus. The current operation consists of cow-calf pairs and a 300-head capacity finishing feedlot, where Wilson feeds his own cattle and does some custom feeding for others. Consistently producing carcasses that grade high-Choice and Prime is always the goal.

Wilson enjoyed a 13-year relationship with Dawson Baker Packing, a Certified Angus Beef (CAB) packer in Louisville, Ky., that provided carcass data and the premiums associated with certified cattle. When the nearby plant closed, the emphasis shifted to more freezer beef. Though more labor intensive, the freezer beef business allows for personal interaction with consumers, who appreciate a product that surpasses their highest expectations. The primary focus has always been producing quality cattle that are functional on the hoof and hang a superior carcass.

To give back to the industry, the Wilson family has hosted beef-related events and forums on their farm for the local chamber of commerce and state politicians. Wilson has been a leader in the county cattlemen’s association, county 4-H beef committee, Soil and Water Conservation District and his church. He enjoys helping coach area livestock judging teams and working with youth in the show ring everywhere he judges.

He is a past president of the Southern Indiana Angus Association and serves as the chairman of its consignment sale committee. The Wilsons have been adult advisors to the IJAA and were the adult co-chairs of the 2014 NJAS.

Loran is a past president of the IAA and currently serves as a director; is a past president of the Indiana Beef Cattle Association (IBCA); and has traveled to Washington, D.C., to advocate for the beef industry at the NCBA Legislative Conference.

He has received the Outstanding Cattleman award from IBCA and works in many capacities at their annual Hoosier Beef Congress. Having attended Professional Ringmen’s Institute, Wilson enjoys working cattle sales, but having potential buyers trust his judgment to influence their purchasing decisions means the most.

Wilson believes when challenges arise, clear and level-headed thinking is required to consider potential outcomes and side effects. Issues should be addressed with an open mind and a calm demeanor without rushing to judgement. A lifelong Angus breeder, Wilson pledges to serve the American Angus Association membership with respect and integrity.

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