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Active Sire Use, 2021 Calf Crop Data Released

Breeding statistics released with completion of FY 2021.

The American Angus Association closed out the 2021 fiscal year Sept. 30. Breeding statistics for active breeding sires and the calf crop are as follows:

For the year’s active breeding sires, 82.59% bred females naturally, whereas 17.41% were recorded to be used via artificial insemination (AI).

For the 2021 calf crop, 43.07% was recorded as having been produced naturally, with 56.93% of recorded calves were listed as having been produced via AI.

This year showcased 178,271 total calves being produced artificially. Recent years have shown similar numbers with 175,598 calves in 2020; 176,026 calves in 2019; 183,819 calves in 2018; and 183,827 calves in 2017.


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