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  • Brett Spader, president

Angus Breeders Balance Digital and Print Media Consumption

2020 Angus Breeder Market Research survey shows increased use of social media balanced with print.

by Brett Spader, Angus Media

Angus breeders are increasing their use of social media, but print still dominates according to the 2020 Angus Breeder Market Research survey conducted by the Angus Journal and Angus Media.

When asked about methods in which Angus breeders preferred to receive news and information, digital use is on the rise with 38% utilizing e-newsletters, 25% preferring to use website news and 22% preferring social media channels. Print, however, still leads this category with 92% of Angus breeders using print media to stay informed alongside digital platforms.

Within the social media category, those that used social media preferred Facebook (53%), followed by Instagram (20%) and LinkedIn (13%). 39% of Angus breeders are not currently utilizing social media platforms.

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