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  • Karen Hiltbrand, American Angus Association

Angus Day of Giving

Angus Foundation honors arrival of the first Angus bulls in America with the Angus Day of Giving May 17.

Photos courtesy of American Angus Association

This past year may not have been easy journey, but like when the first Angus bulls arrived in Victoria, Kan., on May 17, 1873, cattlemen and women have been resilient in the face of adversity. Through those challenges Angus breeders are laying a strong and storied foundation.

To honor this historic date, the Angus Foundation will host the inaugural Angus Day of Giving May 17 to support the organization and the programs it funds.

“While we celebrate the Angus breed all year, May 17 is the day that we can honor the heritage of our breed now and into the future,” says Thomas Marten, Angus Foundation executive director. “On this first-ever Angus Day of Giving I am so excited to see the impact that we can continue to make on the breed.”

The Angus Foundation supports education, youth and research. From National Junior Angus Association (NJAA) events like the National Junior Angus Show (NJAS) and conferences like Leaders Engaged in Angus Development (LEAD), the Angus Foundation is in the business of providing opportunities to the next generation.

On May 17, Angus breeders and supporters can be a part of the impressive history and the bright future of Angus by making a gift on the day when Angus cattle first arrived in America. Your Angus Fund gift will leave a lasting impression on the future of the Angus breed, just like George Grant himself.

On the Angus Day of Giving visit the Angus Foundation’s website and make a tax-deductible Angus Fund gift online. Donors can also send in a check and include “Angus Day of Giving” in the memo line to count towards the day’s totals.

To make a gift, visit and click on give. Follow Angus Day of giving on social media channels using the hashtag #AngusDay.


Angus Foundation Success Stories

Many Angus youth have benefitted from Angus Foundation funded scholarships and been deemed Angus Foundation Success Stories. Individuals like Daniel McFarland, Zeb Gray, Bailey Harsh, Jara Settles and Michael Cropp are just a few specific examples of individuals who have been impacted by the Angus Foundation.



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