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  • Holly Martin, American Angus Association

Angus Election Underway

The American Angus Association is preparing for the 2021 Annual Convention of Delegates, hosted in conjunction with the Angus Convention Nov. 6-8 in Fort Worth, Texas.

In accordance with the Association bylaws, forms and information required to nominate a delegate online or through the mail have been mailed to every eligible voting active life and regular Association member who qualified as an eligible voting member prior to April 9.

The nomination period is April 12 to June 11, and each eligible voting member is allowed to nominate one eligible voting member who resides in the same state or district, including himself or herself. The candidate should be highly involved in the Angus business, willing to attend the meeting and able to represent Angus breeders. More information is available here.

Signed nomination forms must be received in the Association office by mail or online submission no later than 4:30 p.m. CDT on June 11.

To nominate online, eligible voting members must visit the address provided on the form included in the mailing and use the unique personal identification number (PIN) provided. The unique PIN number is located below the member code in the upper right corner of the form.

Following the close of the nomination period, every qualified nominee will be included on a state/district ballot. Ballots will be mailed to the eligible voting members in July to vote for the final slate of state/district delegates.

The Annual Convention of Delegates will take place Monday, Nov. 8, during the Angus Convention in Fort Worth, Texas. Online registration for the convention will begin July 1, and further information will be available at

Adapted from a release by Holly Martin, American Angus Association.


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