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  • Julie Mais, editor

Angus Surpasses 20 Million Registrations

After 138 years, the American Angus Association reaches 20 million registrations.

The American Angus Association, headquarters of the largest beef breed association, processed its 20 millionth registration March 17, 2021.

Over the 138-year history, the Business Breed has averaged 135,135 registrations per year, topping the charts at 406,310 registrations in 1968. In fiscal year 2020, the Association registered a total of 305,531 head, up 954 from the previous year.

“This is truly an exciting day for the American Angus Association and our members as we cross the 20 million milestone for registrations,” says Jerry Cassady, American Angus Association director of member services. “To think that it took 96 years for our Association to reach the 10 million mark back in 1979, we’ve added another 10 million registered Angus into our registry in less than half the time. This is a credit to the hard work and efforts of our members.”

Registration numbers signify the data behind the animal, tracing its lineage and potential to change the direction of cow herds. Using registered Angus bulls also unlocks additional premiums for every segment of the beef industry.

“It’s pretty amazing to consider the amount of work and dedication that has been invested by our members over the years to get to this point,” says Mark McCully, American Angus Association CEO. “Breeders of registered Angus cattle have stayed committed to the value of pedigreed seedstock and enjoy tremendous demand and market share today because of it.”

Adapted from a release by Whitney Whitaker, Angus Communications.


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