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  • Miranda Reiman, senior associate editor

Angus Board Members Discuss Data Submission and More on The Angus Conversation Podcast

When the American Angus Association Board of Directors meets, there is an underlying central theme: how can we help our members be more successful?

That was true this week as they gathered in St. Joseph, Mo., for the September Board meeting. They talked of meeting consumer demand and ways to best support junior members. The Board discussed the current beef industry climate, data submission, ways to improve genetic tools and how to increase the accuracy value on expected progeny differences (EPDs).

“We have the best breeders … many of the most progressive breeders, and as these traits are identified and these things are put in there, it's our breeders that are going multiply them and put those out there in the industry,” says Alan Miller, Prairie View Farms, chair of the Angus Genetics Inc. (AGI) board, “and what's best for Angus needs to be best for the beef industry, too.”

Miller joined Jim Brinkley, Brinkley Angus Farm, and Jerry Connealy, Connealy Angus Ranch, to recap some of items the board spent the most time discussing.

“From Data Submission to Depreciation: September ’22 Board Highlights,” went live today on The Angus Conversation. Listen the full episode, view transcripts and show notes.

Editor's note: Click here to read the letter from American Angus Association President Jerry Connealy highlighting discussion and actions taken during the September Board meeting.


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