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  • Miranda Reiman, senior associate editor

Callahan on a Good Bull vs. a Great Bull

High expectations. Jarold Callahan, Express Ranches president, has them for himself and he has high expectations of his fellow Angus breeders.

“The purebred breeder, he should be way more knowledgeable about what his cattle are … He should be better able to predict what his genetics will do in a particular operation, so he should give that information, I think, to his customers,” Callahan said on a recent episode of The Angus Conversation. “Then after his customers buy those bulls, then the purebred guy needs to get feedback from his customers on what needs to be tweaked, what worked, what didn't work, and if it didn't work, why it didn't work.”

Callahan shared his breeding approach for serving variety of customers. He talked the show ring versus the commercial customer, genomic technology and the recent trends in semen sales.

It all goes back to living up to those high expectations, Callahan said.

“If you sell cattle that do the job that they were intended to do and don't cause them problems, they become an asset,” he noted. “If they cause them problems of any kind, they tend to be a liability, and [customers will] go somewhere else and buy them.”

To hear the full episode, “A Good Bull vs. a Great Bull and Other Insight from Jarold Callahan,” visit or subscribe to The Angus Conversation on your favorite podcast platform.


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