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  • Miranda Reiman, Angus Media

Capitalizing on Angus Strengths

Gabriel, Uhrig join The Angus Conversation 

The market suggests Angus cattle do a lot of things right. 

“As we’ve progressed, Angus has taken the forefront, and that’s because it does both things very well: it makes a great steak and it makes a great cow,” says TJ Gabriel, Deep Creek Angus, Midland, S.D.  

The breed’s popularity speaks for itself, but he’s quick to point out that does not mean there’s nothing left to perfect. 

Garbriel and his longtime friend and fellow South Dakota Angus breeder David Uhrig, Mt. Rushmore Angus at Hermosa, joined The Angus Conversation to discuss the breeding pressure they put on their cow herd and what makes their customer tick. 

“Within the Angus breed, you can get whatever you want. If you want terminal cattle, man, they’re there, and they aren’t very hard to find. If you want maternal cattle, TJ's your guy or there’s plenty of operations around,” Uhrig says.  

After feeding out progeny and learning more about the entire gate-to-plate process, Uhrig says it’s important to him to make sure his customers are producing beef that’s sought after by the consumer. 

“There’s a lot more that happens past the end of that loading chute," he says. "I’ve got to be cognizant of what all that entails." 

Gabriel says his philosophy starts with the cow, knowing that performance will follow if the base is good. He uses the American Angus Association’s available tools but also admits many of the attributes that make a great female are hard to measure.  

“It’s hard to define it in a sentence. There’s just a lot of traits that add up to producing a really maternal driven cow,” Gabriel says.  

The pair also covered the value of being involved in regional and national associations and offer advice for having important conversations. 

To hear, “Create Your Type of Angus — Gabriel and Uhrig on Breeding Strategies, New Perspectives and Having a Voice,” search for The Angus Conversation in your favorite podcast platform, or follow this direct link.  


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