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  • Karen Hiltbrand, American Angus Association

Certified Angus Beef® Cook-Off is Back with New at-Home Contest

Calling all chefs, grill masters and beef lovers — the American Angus Auxiliary-sponsored All-American Certified Angus Beef® (CAB®) Cook-Off is back and better than ever. In addition to the annual Cook-Off contest and the Chef’s Challenge, there will be a third division, the Cook-Off at Home contest. The Cook-Off and Chef’s Challenge are to be hosted on July 13, 2021, in conjunction with the 2021 National Junior Angus Show (NJAS) in Grand Island, Neb.

The purpose of the three contests is to display participants’ knowledge of the beef industry and cooking skills in an educational, competitive and fun way. The Cook-Off has fostered a cooperative spirit among National Junior Angus Association (NJAA) members and is also a way to educate and entertain nonparticipants, while promoting the ultimate end product — the CAB brand.

“We are so excited to be back in action this year with our annual contests, as well as the Certified Angus Beef at Home challenge for round two,” says Anne Lampe, American Angus Auxiliary Beef Education Committee co-chair. “The Cook-Off is a favorite contest at the NJAS, and we can’t wait to see the competitive spirit exhibitors bring this year to Grand Island.”

All-American Certified Angus Beef® Cook-Off contest

This contest is an annual opportunity for state associations to gather their best recipes and to prepare a beef dish to be paired with a skit that both entertains and educates the audience. The cuts selected for the contest this year are as follows: the steak division is top sirloin, the roast division is tri-tip, and the other beef category is ground beef and will be the Ultimate Burger Grill-Off.

The contest will be divided into three age categories: 8-13; 14-17; and 18-21. All ages will be determined as of Jan. 1. Mixed teams may be entered but will be classified by the oldest member of the team. Entries are due May 15 and can be made on the American Angus Auxiliary website, here.

The Cook-Off contest will be judged by a panel of individuals. Winners in categories in showmanship and recipe, as well as overall excellence will be awarded special prizes. There will be steaks, roasts, and other beef item categories. There will be divisions for NJAA member teams (two to six members of a state junior Angus association). There will be an overall winner announced at closing ceremonies.

Chef’s Challenge

The American Angus Auxiliary-sponsored Chef's Challenge contest began in 2010 as a venue for adults and older NJAA members to challenge their cooking and grilling skills using CAB and secret ingredients provided by the contest. The contest is judged based on technique and preparation, as well as the use of CAB and the secret ingredients; taste; originality; and plating.

This contest is for adults and NJAA members ages 14-21. The contest will be hosted at the NJAS in conjunction with the Cook-Off. Pre-entry is required by May 15, here.

CAB at Home contest

Last year, the American Angus Auxiliary shifted the normal Cook-Off contest to a virtual version to accommodate for pandemic guidelines. Contestants were tasked to produce a video presentation inviting consumers to their ranch, farm, home, table, kitchen, backyard grill or a combination of these locations to tell the CAB story to consumers and present their recipe or dish. After the contest’s success, it was decided that the at-home video contest should become a permanent contest addition.

NJAA members ages 8- 21 (as of Jan. 1, 2021) and their immediate family members are invited to participate in the CAB at Home contest. Entries in the contest may consist of a single NJAA member, sibling team or team consisting of NJAA member(s) and family. NJAA members who participate in the CAB at Home contest are also eligible to participate in the Cook-Off or Chef's Challenge contests at the NJAS.

Pre-entry for the CAB at Home contest is June 10 and the deadline to submit the video is June 24. To enter, visit the American Auxiliary website, here. For questions about any of the Cook-Off contests, contact Anne Lampe at 670-874-4273 or or Anne Patton Schubert at 502-477-2663.

— Adapted from a release by Karen Hiltbrand, Angus Communications


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