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Gene Editing, Now and In the Future

Stay current on the latest information on the technology.

Gene-editing technology is not new, but it’s in the headlines more often today as its applications hit closer and closer to home in the cattle industry.

Here is our most recent coverage on the topic:

Macy Mueller, then with the University of California—Davis

In the April 2023 Angus Journal, this article gives a background on what gene editing is, how it's currently being put to use in animal agriculture, and what the technology could mean for seedstock producers.

In this Common Ground column published in the April 2023 Angus Journal, Mark McCully, CEO of the American Angus Association, lays out the current landscape around gene editing and the breed.

An episode of The Angus Conversation podcast, released Jan. 18, 2023, featured geneticists Macy Mueller, then with the University of California—Davis, and Larry Kuehn, U.S. Meat Animal Research Center. The hour-long educational discussion covers everything the difference between a genetically-modified organism (GMO) and a gene edit to the governmental approval process and the future.

Released Feb. 24, 2023, The Angus Conversation recapped the February Board of Directors meeting. In addition to other items of business, it covers the first breeder-submitted request for an approval of a gene edit. This episode characterizes the immediate reaction from the Board.

This February 2022 Angus Journal article gives an in-depth explanation on how a gene edit is created and why it isn’t mainstream today.

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