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  • Peyton Schmitt, American Angus Association

Giving Back to the Breed

Angus Foundation support from Ingram Angus embodies what it means to give back.

It’s a widely held sentiment, and one that certainly holds true for the Angus breed: “Someday, I want to be able to give back.”

The Angus family is fortunate to have breeders who are dedicated to giving back where they can. Whether its through the mentorship of youth, hours spent volunteering for events or even donations to the Angus Foundation, this generosity is seen in countless actions across the industry.

The Angus family’s unwavering dedication to giving back to the Business Breed allows the Angus Foundation to help ensure the future for these black-hided cattle and the people who raise them is bright.

Ingram Angus LLC of Pulaski, Tenn., has recently epitomized what it means to give back. Rooted in integrity, the operation was established in 2016 and has evolved each year since through the work of Orrin Ingram, owner, and Jason Upchurch and David Cagle, managing partners.

A testament to their commitment to the Angus breed and high-quality cattle, Ingram Angus purchased the 2023 Angus Foundation heifer package, donated by Coleman Angus, at the National Angus Bull Sale in Oklahoma City, Okla., Jan. 6, 2023. With the purchase of this female, Ingram Angus donated $130,000 to further the Angus Foundation’s mission of education, youth and research.

“Orrin, David and myself are grateful to be in a position at Ingram Angus to give back to the Angus Foundation,” Upchurch says. “At a young age, I found a strong passion for the business, and have found that my involvement with junior Angus activities put me in a position to gain knowledge and lifelong relationships in our industry.”

Purchasing the heifer package was not the first step the operation has taken to support the Angus legacy. In 2021, Ingram Charities gifted the Angus Foundation $250,000 for the development of an online learning platform through Angus University.

In its beginning phases, the project will focus on the creation of online learning modules for youth in the beef industry with subjects ranging from daily cattle care to nutrition and genetics. The platform will serve as a valuable tool for members of the National Junior Angus Association (NJAA), but the content will also aim to serve all youth in agriculture.

Ingram Charities is a charitable fund founded by Orrin Ingram, the chairman of Ingram Barge Company and CEO of Ingram Industries. The organization is known for its commitment to investing in the community and its young people.

As the new learning management system takes shape, young cattlemen will be better equipped than ever to lead the industry into the future.

“It’s our wish that the contributions we have made will impact junior Angus enthusiasts by giving them more opportunities to gain knowledge and experience to better able them to succeed,” Upchurch says. “It is important for us to continue to support the Angus Foundation, as it is the future of our breed and industry.”

The generosity of Ingram Angus exemplifies the Angus family’s commitment to the breed. Continued support for the Angus Foundation ensures the Angus legacy is sustained well into the future. Giving back is powerful and creates opportunities for the next generation to one day do the same.


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