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  • Miranda Reiman, senior associate editor

Hungarian Breeder Attends Angus Convention to Learn and Network

Peter Kun, an Angus breeder from Hungary, traveled to Angus Convention to bring back knowledge and connections to his own seedstock operation.

Among 2022 Angus Convention attendees, it seems Peter Kun would win hands down in the “traveled the furthest” category. Half a world away from their native Hungary, Kun and his brother came to learn, with hopes of bringing back knowledge and connections to their own seedstock operation and meat business there.

Despite the long travel distance, Kun says his experience three years prior in Reno, Nev., solidified his desire to come back.

“I realized that all the top ranchers and breeders are here at the convention, and the best way to build connections to get answers for our questions is to being here,” he said.

Kun has ranched in Hungary for two decades and has used Angus genetics for much of that time, but a few years ago he became a member of the American Angus Association.

“…now all of my cows are registered so we can improve the quality,” he said.

Listen to his full interview, in this AJ Daily clip.

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