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  • Miranda Reiman, senior associate editor

Listen in on Discussions and Debates in the Angus Breed

The Angus Conversation podcast launches tomorrow.

A good conversation is worth a lot. Light and easy, or deep and full of meaning, conversations connect people and ideas, making our own worlds a little bigger.

That’s what the Angus Journal team plans to bring you every other week in their new podcast, “The Angus Conversation.” The first full episode will go live tomorrow. Co-hosted by Mark McCully, American Angus Association CEO; Brett Spader, president of Angus Media; and Miranda Reiman, senior associate editor with the Angus Journal, episodes will feature a variety of guests on everything from technology and breeding philosophies to marketing and traditions.

“As we chart this future, there's an awful lot of unknowns, and I think the bigger and broader perspective we get, the better decisions we'll make,” says McCully, in the pre-launch segment that dropped last week.

The Angus breed is full of stories to tell, and characters ideal for the storytelling.

“I hope it’s going to be thought provoking,” he says. “We plan to bring different perspectives. Maybe we’ll even bring some perspectives that don’t agree or align with one another and bring them on the same show and have that conversation or debate, if you will. I think that’s really, really healthy.”

Looking ahead, it can feel like there’s an overwhelming pace of “the next new thing,” Reiman says, but that’s why staying involved in the discussions can help cattlemen see what applies to their own business.

“So, it's the idea that we've got to keep after some of this stuff and keep learning and keep growing because if you're not learning and growing you're behind,” Reiman says.

The Angus Conversation will showcase the diversity in the breed and its people.

“I feel like there's an Angus cow for every environment and every production scenario,” Spader says, noting that it can be traced back for generations. “This wasn't something that has just happened here in the last little bit, but this has been a constant state of evolution of leadership within the industry.”

In its inaugural season, the show can be found almost anywhere listeners get their podcasts, such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and more, or direct from

“This business is always evolving, always changing and we want to have a tremendous amount of transparency,” McCully says. “We work really hard at that, to not only communicate what's going on within the organization, but to hopefully that being a two-way communication to hear what's on the minds and of our breeders, of our commercial producers, what's keeping them up at night.”

The team welcomes feedback and ideas. Visit to listen to episodes, to contact the hosts or to learn more.

To keep up on all things Angus, subscribe to the Angus Journal.

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