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Montana Moments

A week in Big Sky Country.

There are moments in life where you realize just how small you are. Moments where you find yourself short of breath, in awe of the beauty of the world around you. Moments where you might be driving down the highway of northern Montana during the 2021 Montana Angus Tour, enjoying the scenery so much that the line of tour buses zoom past you.

My position as the assistant editor of the Angus Journal takes me across the country to meet with Angus breeders who all have unique perspectives and backgrounds. While I treasure every moment I get to spend listening to their stories, one of my favorite parts of this job is getting to travel to various locations and witness firsthand the landscape and environment on which these breeders have made their passion for livestock into their livelihood.

I checked an item off my bucket list when I traveled to Montana Sept. 21- 24 for the Northern Montana Angus Tour. I’ve always wanted to visit this state, and the chance to travel there with the work of connecting with producers, uncovering potential stories for the magazine and photographing quality Angus cattle was a dream come true.

This was the first time I’ve ever participated in a state Angus tour and even after 14 years in this breed, I was blown away by the true generosity and hospitality of our members.

At each stop, tour members were met with bright smiles, fantastic livestock, pride for the agriculture industry and a few snacks (it’s safe to say I didn’t leave any of these tour stops hungry).

Though each operation was home to individuals with their own description of the “perfect cow,” one thing remained the same. Everywhere we went, everyone was honored to be a part of the event.

Angus members of all ages were present on the tour — young or old, experienced or new to the industry, there certainly wasn’t a shortage of perspectives.

I would like to thank everyone who was a part of this experience. From the great members of the Montana Angus Association who helped host the rest of us to my peers who took in the sights of this beautiful area alongside me, I’m always grateful for the moments I get to spend with the members of this Association.

Although I proudly call Saint Joseph, Mo., home, a day spent out in a green pasture under a clear blue sky admiring black-hided cattle just can’t be beat. I hope you enjoy a sneak peek into some of the beautiful images I had the pleasure of capturing during my short stay in Big Sky Country.


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