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  • Megan Silveira, associate editor

Paperless Billing: Never Miss an Invoice

Making the payment process quicker: Options available to make the business side of the Business Breed a bit simpler.

Paperwork can stack up — literally on a desk, in that pile on the counter or on the dash of the last vehicle you used to get the mail. An easy way to be certain your American Angus Association invoices don’t get lost in the clutter is to go paperless with your billing.

“By switching from traditional billing, your invoices will reach you quicker and can be easier to pay, with a saved payment method and no need for a stamp,” says Hannah Persell, member experience lead for the Association.

AAA Login is a “one-stop shop.” Rain or shine, day or night, it’s a spot where members can submit or view data whenever it works best for them.

“While the team in the office is available from 8 to 4:30 and eager to help, we realize that daylight hours are a premium and most don’t sit down to do the paperwork until after the sun sets,” she explains.

Going paperless also allows members to receive invoices and billing statements via email.

Members can click this link, enter requested information and check the paperless billing box: Individuals without an AAA login can also join the paperless billing option so long as they have a valid email address tied to their membership:

Persell says paperless billing is all about convenience. The option comes with a quicker turnaround time. Combined with the higher visibility for herd records, recent orders, suspense items and more through AAA Login, breeders can truly make the most of their time.

With paperless billing, Angus producers can continue to prioritize their outside work days without worry of missing some of that necessary paperwork.


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