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  • Miranda Reiman, Angus Media

Sale Day Prep Starts Now

Long, Harsh talk marketing strategies and to-do lists on The Angus Conversation.

It’s dangerous to employ a “build it and they will come” approach to your one or two major paydays in year.

Sale manager Rance Long says getting bidders to a bull or female sale takes a good plan and execution.

“Don’t think just because you’ve got a date on the calendar, they’re just going to show up,” Long says.

He and Will Harsh, American Angus Association regional manager for Nebraska and Colorado, recently joined The Angus Conversation to talk sale day philosophy, marketing leading up the event and what they’ve seen work on operations across the country.

“You want to create a very welcoming, open environment to your customer base, where they feel comfortable coming there and they feel confident in spending money on your product,” Harsh said, noting all the details matter from the help you line up to the customer service after the sale.

Long says getting your brand in front of potential customers in multiple channels long before the event builds interest and gets people in the seats.

“This digital/electronic/social media advertising avenue is great. It can be fairly inexpensive relative to some other things. However, I do think that print advertising still has its place in this business,” he says. “There’s a customer base out there that wants to see something in their hand.

To hear the entire episode, visit The Angus Conversation anywhere you get your podcasts, or follow this direct link:


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