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  • Megan Silveira, associate editor

Successful National Angus Bull Sale, Bright Outlook for 2023

Thirty-four Angus bulls sold in Oklahoma City for an average of more than $15,500.

January marks an exciting time for cattlemen, with both the start of a new year and anticipation for the upcoming sale season. Breeders from across the country gathered in Oklahoma City, Okla., to kick off 2023 with good livestock at the Cattlemen’s Congress.

The competition of the show ring was rivaled only by the quality of the genetics present in events like the National Angus Bull Sale hosted Jan. 6, where 34 Angus bulls averaged $15,620.

Megan Silveira, assistant editor of the Angus Journal, and Mafi discussed the results of the sale, the quality of the cattle present in Oklahoma and the outlook for the upcoming sale season.

Listen to the interview here:

The full 2023 sale report can be found here:

Mark your calendars for the 2024 National Angus Bull Sale set for Friday, Jan. 5, 2024. Buyers and consignors can contact a regional manager for additional information.

Read the full transcript below:

SILVEIRA: Hi, this is Megan Silvera, assistant editor of The Angus Journal, and we're here with Jeff Mafi, one of the regional managers for the American Angus Association. And we're doing a little bit of a recap of the National Angus Bull Sale that happened at Cattleman's Congress in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Jeff, can you just give us a little bit of insight on how you think the event went?

MAFI: Thank you Megan. Yeah, I, I guess looking back, both Alex Tolbert, who co-managed the sale, and I had a discussion here a couple days ago, and we felt like all in all, it was a very successful sale. It's kind of on par for what it has been the last few years. There was really some front-end genetics that were featured in this platform, and the cattle sold extremely well.

SILVEIRA: I definitely thought that we had some really great genetics from top to bottom. And I know some of those bulls were either picked up by bull studs and others went to some familiar names within the industry. But what was kind of your take on the trends for not only the bulls phenotypically, but also their destination after the sale concluded?

MAFI: Yeah, I mean, so, there were a, a fair number of breeders that picked up some bulls in the sale, and then of course, there were some partnerships made to make sure they could get the bulls they wanted bought. And so it, you know, by and large, the breeder interest, was really, really strong. And, you know, those bulls will get used by and large, probably 60% to 70%, will get used on registered cows and and there's some of those bulls that will be used in the Angus on Dairy program as well.

SILVEIRA: Perfect. So I know you said that you and Alex were really happy with how this event went, and being that it always typically happens at the first of the year here, what bar do you think it kind of sets for the market for the rest of 2023?

MAFI: Well, you know, the feedback was really strong and it, you know, from year-to-year comparison, it was, it was pretty consistent, and so we hope this kicks off the sale season really, really well with, you know, 34 of those bulls grossing $531,100, to average, you know, $15,600. So, I think a lot of people will be happy with that.

SILVEIRA: Most definitely. Yeah. And then, you know, being a part of the Angus Media team here, I'd be pretty remiss if I, I didn't ask you, as we're starting to look forward to some of these spring sales that are coming up quick here, what's some of the conversations that you're starting to have with breeders in your territory

MAFI: Right now? I mean, it's, it's secure and, you know, different brochures, marketing pieces, some of the features are their sale and various print ads, social media campaigns, and, and a lot of 'em right now for these March sales are in full steam are working on their sale books.

SILVEIRA: Awesome. Well, anything else you can think to, to say about either Cattleman's Congress or the upcoming year for our breeders, Jeff?

MAFI: You know, I, I think, there'll be a lot of good genetics offered this spring and look forward to working with our seedstock providers and our commercial customers, but I anticipate a real strong sale season.


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