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  • Miranda Reiman, Angus Media

Tiedeman on Cow Type, Making Change and Having Influence

The Angus Conversation delves into customer-centric decisions and the future.

Jake Tiedeman, Baldridge-Tiedeman Angus, says his bull buyers often double as his best litmus test.  

“When I get a wild and crazy idea, I immediately reach out to some of our commercial customers and run it by them,” says the North Platte, Neb., Angus breeder.  

Those families buy private treaty bulls in the spring and show up for their female sale each fall. They’ll offer honest feedback, he says. 

“Our end goal is to produce functional, sound cattle that go out and work for the commercial cattlemen and allow them to garner premiums wherever they choose to gather those,” Tiedeman says, noting that their customer base is split between selling at weaning, running yearlings or retaining ownership in the feedyard. “We want to have a very progressively balanced animal on the hoof and on paper, and cow families are very important to us.” 

Tiedeman joined The Angus Conversation from the Yards at National Western Stock Show, where his family has a long history of exhibiting and selling the family’s Baldridge Seasoning from their tent.  

He shared the influence his grandfather Jim Baldridge had on him at a young age, the kind of cattle that catch his eye, and how the family works together. Tiedeman talked about the familiar struggles of maintaining genetic progress while marketing animals and maintaining genetic consistency.  

“The two words that are most intimidating to our family — and probably this industry — are the word ‘balance’ and the word ‘enough.’ It is so easy to market and aim for all of the ‘EST’ words,” he says, such as the “biggest,” “highest,” and “best.” “But at the end of day, the consistency when your customer goes to the sale barn with a group of steers or heifers and the first one looks like the last one, and they’ve made a product on their ranches that garners attention of bidders across the country, that’s where the gratification comes in.” 

That’s the kind of litmus test that shows nothing but positive results.  

To hear the entire episode, visit The Angus Conversation anywhere you get your podcasts, or follow this direct link: 


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