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  • Miranda Reiman, Angus Media

Tom Burke’s Top 10 List Live from the American Angus Hall of Fame

 Learn about famous bulls, famous cattlemen and famous stories with The Angus Conversation. 

Ask Tom Burke to pick a favorite piece at the American Angus Hall of Fame, and he’ll tell you it’s impossible. 

“They’re all special to me,” says the longtime sale manager and notable curator of Angus history. 

The Angus Conversation visited Smithville, Mo., where Burke selected his Top 10 items in the collection. 

From the “oldest Angus head mount in the world” who made a passage clear from the north shores of Scotland to more than 60,000 Angus sale books, there’s little bit of everything, but all items unified with one common thread: they were important to someone in the Angus breed.  

“One of the rules when you come to visit the American Angus Hall of Fame — don’t bring any cash, and there’s not very many places you can go anymore that you don’t need cash,” he says. “We’re just happy you’re here.” 

With more than 60 years of experience and countless miles up and down the road, Burke has arguably seen more Angus cattle than anybody else in the business. He says he’s excited to see what’s next.  

“The Angus Breed is a breed of action, and that’s why it’s so attractive to people,” Burke says.  

To hear everything from which American presidents Burke has worked with to how the Hall of Fame came to be, search for The Angus Conversation in your favorite podcast platform, or listen below.


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