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  • Megan Clark, editorial intern

Welcoming Innovative Minds

Eleven summer interns join the American Angus Association and Certified Angus Beef staff.

As final grades are submitted, a group of young professionals will claim their places as summer interns at the American Angus Association and Certified Angus Beef (CAB) offices. 

Kelley Chase, Conklin, Mich.; Megan Clark, DeWitt, Iowa; Katelyn Engel, Galesburg, Ill.; Matea Gordon, Sturgis, S.D.; Emma Montgomery, Wooster, Ohio; Tyler Murray, Buffalo Center, Iowa; Claire Norris, Eudora, Kan.; Laney Reasner, Neelyton, Pa.; Olivia Rooker, Alfalfa, Ore.; Zuleica Trujano, Texcoco, Mexico; and Hui Wen, Sichuan, China, will join team Angus for a summer with The Business Breed.

Kelley Chase

Kelley Chase reserves the title of the public relations and communications intern for CAB.

Chase is from Conklin, Mich., and will be a senior studying agriculture, food and natural resources education with minors in public relations and horticulture at Michigan State University. 

Agriculture isn’t something unfamiliar to Chase, as she grew up on her family’s commercial apple orchard and helps operate their sixth-generation dairy farm. She was heavily influenced to work within the agricultural industry after playing an active part in 4-H and FFA. 

Her experience in agricultural communications is evident through her collegiate involvement with professional development activities. 

“I’ve had other communications internships in the past, but I am excited to work with an organization as prominent as the Certified Angus Beef brand,” Chase notes. 

Whether it be working for her local chamber of commerce office last summer, crafting news articles and social media content, or taking advantage of production agriculture courses at college, Chase is developing her skill set in agricultural communication beyond the classroom.

When asked about what she hopes to gain from her summer spent in Wooster, Ohio, she says, “I am excited to network with fellow employees, travel around the country for various media event trips, and develop my skills within copywriting and media relations.” 

Megan Clark 

Joining the Angus Media team as the editorial intern is DeWitt, Iowa, native Megan Clark. Clark is a junior studying agricultural communication and international agriculture with a minor in animal science at Iowa State University.  

While growing up on her family’s diversified crop and beef cattle operation, Clark’s passion for telling the story of agriculture was born. Clark has been involved with programs such as the Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow Club, Block & Bridle, Sigma Alpha Professional Agricultural Sorority and Collegiate Cattlemen.  

“The Angus Media team creates pieces that are informative, enjoyable and inspiring,” Clark explains. “While working for the Angus Journal, I hope to utilize my current skill set to write entertaining articles, gain knowledge from a talented staff and master the art of storytelling within the beef industry.” 

This summer she will try her hand in creating print, digital and audio media content in addition to tackling photography and videography projects geared towards readers. 

“Working on behalf of one of the most established breed associations out there will be an exciting opportunity that I cannot wait to continue exploring,” she says. “The wealth of knowledge, connections and experience that I am eager to gain throughout my summer internship is thrilling.” 

Katelyn Engel

Katelyn Engel of Galesburg, Ill., is excited to begin crafting meaningful digital, visual and oral media content for CAB as its producer communications intern.

“As the producer communications intern, I will become a liaison between CAB and beef producers, cattle feeders, and beef packers across the country,” Engel describes. 

She comes with a skill set ranging from photography, videography and writing to verbal communication.

Engel will be a senior studying agricultural leadership, education and communications with minors in animal sciences and food and agribusiness management at the University of Illinois, Urbana–Champaign. She joined several collegiate programs such as the meat judging team, meat animal evaluation team and the University of Illinois Hoof N’ Horn club while pursuing her degrees. 

No stranger to the breed, Engel completed a communications internship with the American Angus Association in 2023. She confirms her commitment to agriculture and the beef industry stems from time spent with her family’s registered purebred Angus cattle herd and diversified crop operation.

“I am excited for the opportunity to learn more about the capitalization of the premiums available to registered producers,” Engel says.

Matea Gordon

Matea Gordon joins Angus Media for the summer as its first-ever marketing intern. 

“I look forward to a summer filled with vast opportunities, and am thankful for the chance to shape this particular internship for interested students in the future,” she says.

Gordon hails from Sturgis, S.D., and is studying agricultural business with a minor in marketing as a third-year student at South Dakota State University (SDSU). 

The fifth-generation agriculturist was introduced to the American Angus Association through her parents’ involvement with the organization. She has also enjoyed attending events such as the National Junior Angus Show and the Leaders Engaged in Angus Development conference growing up. 

“In the digital world that we live in today, it is essential that livestock producers have individuals in their corner to create content that will effectively attract their specific customer audiences,” she explains. 

Serving as the Ness School of Management and Economics marketing intern for the past two years at SDSU, she has learned about digital content creation firsthand. 

“I initiated the ‘Think Business’ podcast, in which I conducted interviews with industry professionals in hopes of expanding our social media following,” she says. 

This summer she will assist in the areas of graphic design and digital marketing strategies for Angus Media. 

Gordon looks forward to helping craft admirable content for Angus members and appreciates the learning opportunities that lie ahead.  

Emma Montgomery

Connecting with the CAB team from her own backyard as a Wooster, Ohio, native is Emma Montgomery. She will be working as their multimedia intern this summer. 

Montgomery studies visual communication with a minor in business management at Bowling Green State University and will complete her senior year this fall. Though she did not grow up with an agricultural background, she has experience with photography, graphic design and digital content creation.

“I completed a few job shadows with a marketing agency in high school, and have since finished three internships within the field of photography and graphic design,” she states. “CAB has given me the chance to expand my skill set in videography, which is a very welcomed learning opportunity.” 

Montgomery’s responsibilities for the summer will include coordinating photoshoots, taking and editing photos, trimming audio sessions, and collaborating with teammates to brainstorm new ideas for content creation. 

“From this internship, I hope to build a broader portfolio with different styles of projects and gain a positive working experience to guide me in choosing a future career,” Montgomery says. 

Traveling, experimenting with unique equipment and finding new opportunities for growth are all factors Montgomery says made this internship attractive. Looking forward, she says she can’t wait to see what’s in store this summer.

Tyler Murray

Tyler Murray will serve as the regional manager intern this fall for the American Angus Association. 

“I am looking forward to expanding my network within the Angus breed, and to work closely with those who play such a large role within the breed’s success,” he shares.

Murray is from Buffalo Center, Iowa, and will be completing his senior year in animal science at Iowa State University this fall. He’s no newcomer to the Angus world, as he’s grown up on his family’s registered cow-calf operation and has exhibited Angus females across the Midwest. 

Currently, he is developing his own Angus herd and gaining production-related skills from an internship at  TC Reds, Ringle, Wis.

Murray’s ability to communicate with fellow Angus breeders and experience with stewarding his personal cattle herd stem from his agricultural background. 

“Expanding my knowledge of the industry and building diverse connections with producers from across the country are attractive bonuses of this program,” he says. 

While interning with the Association this fall, he will travel with the regional manager team to shows and production sales along with completing herd visits.

Murray shares that he plans to continue raising Angus cattle upon graduation and will use this internship to emerge into the professional work environment. 

Claire Norris

The American Angus Association welcomes Claire Norris of Eudora, Kan., as its events and junior activities intern. 

Norris will be completing her senior year at Kansas State University this fall, where she studies animal sciences and industry with an emphasis in agricultural communications and journalism. She is also pursuing minors in mass communications and public relations. 

Norris has been surrounded by agriculture and the show industry since she was young. She began exhibiting her beef cattle projects at the local, state and national levels at just 7 years old. Norris attributes her interest in youth programs to her time spent within junior breed associations and being an active 4-H member. 

“The deeper I became involved in Kansas breed associations, the more I developed my passion for advocating on behalf of the industry and its youth’s upbringing,” Norris says. 

She has had experience within youth program event planning, as she spent a previous summer internship providing curriculum to students who missed out on agricultural education due to the pandemic. 

“I’m thrilled to be working with a team of leaders that are truly the best of the best,” Norris explains. “The events and junior activities staff bring a passion to the table that sets them apart from any other breed association out there.” 

Norris says she’s ecstatic to interact with juniors this summer as her team works to ensure all members reach their maximum potential.

Laney Reasner

As the sales and marketing intern for CAB, Laney Reasner is most looking forward to learning about what happens behind the scenes when taking a product from “gate to plate.”

“I really hope to gain insight into the brand and what we do on the back end to promote our partners at all times,” Reasner comments. 

With access to several learning opportunities in this role, she shares that she’s excited to work alongside talented teams at CAB. 

Reasner is from Neelyton, Pa., and recently completed her undergraduate studies in agricultural communications at Oklahoma State University (OSU). She will begin her journey towards a master’s degree in agricultural communications at OSU this fall and will specialize in digital media and marketing aspects within agriculture. 

Growing up with a small cow-calf operation, Reasner had the chance to learn about the agricultural industry firsthand. She attributes her interest to working professionally in the field to her time spent in 4-H, FFA and assisting on the family farm. 

“Working for CAB will allow me to combine my knowledge of marketing strategies and the beef industry together to strengthen my ties to the breed,” Reasner says. “While promoting the CAB brand with the help of the marketing team, we will ultimately contribute to the success of our partners in foodservice and retail, which circles back to highlighting the producers and ranchers that we service.”

Knowing the marketing team in Ohio covers so many different aspects of the brand, Reasner states she can’t wait to soak up as much information as possible. 

Olivia Rooker

Olivia Rooker hails from Alfalfa, Ore., and says she is excited to serve as the Association’s communications intern for the summer. 

Rooker will begin her junior year at OSU this August, where she studies agriculture communications with a minor in marketing. 

“When asked about my future goals, I strive to be an advocate for the agriculture industry, but this summer that task will be altered to be an advocate for the Angus breed and its members,” she says. 

Heavily immersed in the livestock show industries, Rooker has grown up to become a true agriculturalist. On her family’s orchard grass hay and diversified livestock operation, she learned the value of hard work and stewardship while caring for her personal show animal projects. Before beginning her collegiate studies, she tended to her small herd of Angus cattle and found her passion for agricultural communications in her high school FFA program.

Rooker says, “In my collegiate career thus far, I have had the opportunity to take a variety of classes within layout and design, writing, and photography — all components that are vital to the agriculture communications field.” 

With Rooker’s continued progression towards her degree, she says she is excited for the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom through traveling and hopes to gain hands-on experience working with the Angus staff. 

Rooker says she sees positive energy radiating from the communications staff at the Association. She looks forward to contributing her best at various shows and in the office.

Zuleica Trujano

Zuleica Trujano says she is excited to become a member of Angus Genetics Inc. (AGI). She is originally from Texcoco, Mexico, and is working towards her doctorate in animal and dairy sciences, specializing in animal breeding and genetics at the University of Georgia. 

Trujano has received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in agricultural sciences from the University of Chapingo, Mexico with a focus on Braunvieh cattle genetics. She credits her parents for encouraging her to pursue further education in the field upon her adolescence. 

“Growing up in a rural area where farming was essential to our way of life, I gained experience working with my father, who grew corn, wheat and hay for our animals,” Trujano explains. “We also raised cattle for meat, which sparked my interest in animal science.” 

During her summer spent with AGI, Trujano will conduct research and investigate data truncation. This will be her first time immersed in The Business Breed setting. She says she looks forward to exploring the possibilities out there for a career within the Association. 

“I’m really excited about acquiring new knowledge and skills while contributing to the research team and working with AGI staff this summer,” Trujano says. “Meeting and working with experienced staff members is a privilege that I find intriguing.” 

Trujano envisions a career within animal breeding and genetics and will utilize her opportunity at AGI as a stepping stone towards her future professional goals.  

Hui Wen

Hui Wen of Sichuan, China, will represent AGI for the next two months as the second of the team’s interns. 

Upon completing her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in animal breeding and genetics at China Agricultural University, Wen has been furthering her education by pursuing a doctorate in quantitative genetics at Purdue University. 

Though AGI may be new territory to Wen, she shares about her past experiences that she feels make her qualified for the internship. 

“I have extensive experience in genetic evaluation, statistical mode evaluation and genetic parameter estimation,” Wen says. “These skills will greatly help me in completing my intern projects here [at AGI].”

Wen specifies her goals for the summer are to develop a familiarity with the Association’s genetic evaluation pipeline, estimate the genetic correlations of genomic traits and to write a technical based on her research findings.

“I have aspirations of gaining helpful insight into industry operations and large-scale data set management from AGI this summer,” she explains. “Tackling projects involving large-scale data sets on beef cattle is an exciting opportunity that I look forward to exploring.” 

Aside from the professional development aspect of the job, Wen sees the workplace environment at Angus as a place to meet kind and reputable people who she hopes to build into references as she explores her future career in animal breeding and genetics.   


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