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  • Julie Mais, editor

Xtend Your Reality at Angus Convention with the Angus Media Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Angus Media is reimagining how advertisers engage with Angus buyers, adding an immersive digital view to print in a way that no one has before.

Angus Convention attendees will be among the first to preview the Xtended Reality experience, which involves users in your Angus story from the convenience of their mobile device. You set the stage for how others explore your operation and your breeding program with a virtual experience that integrates videos, real-time data or even a complete farm tour.

“It’s a way to give your customers the utmost in interaction and engagement through your print advertising, sale books and postcards,” says Brett Spader, Angus Media president. “In an increasingly competitive market, this Xtended Reality experience gives breeders a new way to set themselves apart.”

Try out this new technology at Angus Convention during the Angus Media virtual scavenger hunt:

  1. Find the first scavenger hunt sign in the 12th Street Lobby Entrance of Convention Center.

  2. Follow the instructions and clues, which will guide you to three stops within the trade show. Pickup a free gift at each stop.

  3. At the final stop enter to win:

    • One of two $500 gift cards for Rod Patrick Boots, which may be redeemed online or at the store in Fort Worth.

    • Free full-page ad in the Angus Journal featuring Xtended Realty ($1,800 value).

To learn more about Xtended Reality and how to include it in your marketing plan, contact Kaysie Wiederholt, Angus Media advertising account executive at 816-383-5289 or


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