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Advertising Rates & Deadlines

When you advertise your program in the Angus Journal, you have instant access to the industry’s most influential and progressive registered Angus producers and commercial cattlemen.

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Advertising Dept.

Kathy LaScala

Corporate Advertising


of Angus breeders surveyed spend a significant amount of time each week reading Angus print materials.

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*Pre-signed contract required for volume discount rates.
Region co-ops and Classified advertising available. Billed at $315/six months or $610/year.
Prepayment required.

Mechanical Requirements

  • Digital files only

  • InDesign (with all supporting images and fonts).

  • Illustrator EPS, TIFF, or PDF files are accepted.

Single-Page Angus Journal Ad

  • Safe image area: 6.88” x 9.56”

  • Keep all information inside these margins

  • Trim size: 8.125” x 10.8125”

  • Bleed: 8.6083” x 11.3604”

Two-Page Spread Angus Journal Ad

  • Safe image area: 15” x 9.56”

  • Keep all information inside these margins

  • Trim size: 10.812” x 16.251”

  • Bleed: 11.06” x 16.5”

Color Rates (Additional)

One additional color $100 (red, green, yellow, orange, purple, brown, blue, dark blue, teal). For colored photos $300

Bleed, Photo Rates (Additional)

Add $60 per page to space rate when requesting color or black bleeds into ad margins. Add $12.50 for each photo used in each ad except for complete camera-ready files. Photos used continuously in 12-time contract ads will be billed once. Difficult ads or photo enhancements requiring substantial extra production work will be charged at standard shop rates ($50/hr).


Net due on receipt of statement. Space rate and color discounted 5% on display ads if all copy and photos are received in this office or postmarked by early copy discount date of the 20th of the second month preceding publication (i.e., Aug. 20 for Oct. issue. - see schedule above). Copy or photo changes or additions after that date will disqualify discount. Space rate discounted 10% if complete and EPD-accurate print-ready files are received in this office by the 1st of the month prior to the publication month (i.e. Oct. 1 for Nov. issue). Commercial or agency discounts are not available.

  • State co-op and Classified advertising available: Billed for six months at $315 per one year at $630. Prepayment required.

  • Camera-ready ads are 10% less than base price.

  • Add $60 per page for bleeds.

  • $12.50/photo rates apply to ads provided by Angus Media.

  • Photo touch-ups require $50/hr.

  • Rush fees may apply.

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