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Darrell Stevenson

2nd term


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The Montana Angus Association unanimously supports Darrell Stevenson as a candidate for reelection to the American Angus Association Board of Directors. 

In his first term, Darrell says he was honored to serve on both the AGI and API Boards. In addition, he served on Breed Improvement and Commercial Programs Committees as well as chairman for the Communications and PR Committee.  He also recently attended the World Angus Secretariat. He is currently serving on the Montana Angus Association board of directors.

Darrell has a strong Angus legacy. His grandparents, Jamie and Jeanette, were charter members of the Montana Angus Association (1951) and Montana Angus Auxiliary (1960). Jeanette was an active leader for both the Montana (president, 1962-1964) and American Angus auxiliaries (president, 1978-1979). She also edited the Montana Angus News (1967-1982). 

Darrell’s father, Keith, participated in the first National Junior Angus Showmanship Contest in Lexington, Ky., in 1967. Keith served on the board of directors for both the Montana Angus Association (president, 1983-1984) and the American Angus Association (president, 1992-1993). Jeanette, Keith and Darrell’s uncle Wayne were honored with induction into the American Angus Association Heritage Foundation. 

Darrell grew up exhibiting Angus cattle. He was actively involved with 4-H, FFA and the Montana Junior Angus Association. His growing Angus herd was selected as Montana’s top 4-H beef project (1987). He served as a state FFA officer (1988-1989). He attended Montana State University (MSU) and was selected outstanding junior man, elected vice president of Associated Students of Montana State University (ASMSU) and served as noble ruler for Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity (1991-1992). He then transferred to and graduated from Oklahoma State University (1994). 

After college, Darrell returned to the home ranch in Hobson to pursue his dream of raising Angus cattle. He met his wife, Sara, while exporting heifers to Japan in the late 1980s. She was tail-bleeding, and he was filling the alley. Their first date was a bull sale before marrying in 1995. 

Sara served as the Montana Angus Auxiliary president (2011-2018) and has assisted with several Angus Foundation events. They have two children. CJ graduated from the Honors Program at MSU and is now serving with Special Operation Forces in the US Army.  Claire recently graduated from Cal Poly and is now continuing in the Graduate Animal Science Program at the University of Georgia. Both kids achieved the Gold Award with NJAA. 

Darrell is a proud founding member of Origen, an industry-leading bull collection and marketing center. He has served on that board of directors since 2001. 

In 2010 Darrell created a partnership with two Russian businessmen to form an international beef venture between the two countries. Despite the monumental challenge, they succeeded. The project was a pioneering marvel for vertical integration and establishing an Angus beef industry in Russia. 

He also introduced bovine in vitro fertilization (IVF) and established Russia’s first producing lab (2013). In 2017 Darrell had an opportunity to divest in that company. Today, the vision of Stevenson Sputnik continues as the second-largest beef complex in Europe. Due to this live-cattle export experience, Darrell has overseen shipments to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. In addition, Darrell has participated in four World Angus Forums and attended additional Angus events in New Zealand, Argentina and Canada. 

In 2019 Darrell and Sara expanded from Hobson onto a new unit in White Sulphur Springs to establish a later-calving herd operating as Stevenson Down T. Although separated by a mountain range, Darrell continues to breed and market genetics with Stevenson Angus Ranch. 

A genuine Angus advocate and innovative leader, Darrell Stevenson welcomes the opportunity to serve the membership and is grateful for your consideration.

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