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  • Megan Silveira, associate editor

A Good, Warm Feeling

Two Angus producers share their efforts to ensure the future of the breed.

When the gavel fell for the final time at the 2022 Cattlemen’s Congress, Frank Brumfield’s purchase was met with applause. But when the Angus breeder from Sawyer, Mich., stepped forward to take a picture as the new owner of the Angus Foundation Heifer Package, it wasn’t the cheers from his peers that he focused on. 

Instead, it was the pride and joy Brumfield says he felt in knowing that he was investing in the continued success of The Business Breed and its next generation of members. 

“I don’t think I’ve ever been as fulfilled as I was when I bought that [Angus] Foundation package,” he explains. “To contribute to the future of the American Angus Association and the youth is a great thing.” 

It was a win-win scenario for Brumfield. Not only was the purchase supporting the Angus Foundation, but he was also gaining a pick of bred heifers from California’s Tehama Angus Ranch. Though he didn’t know which individual animal would be coming home, Brumfield says he knew it would be one that topped the charts in terms of maternal excellence. 

“I have bought a lot of cattle around the country — some really good cattle. I’ve never been more excited or more proud than purchasing that animal, and I didn’t even know what it was going to look like yet,” he adds. 

Tehama Mary Blackbird J341, a Tehama Patriarch F028 daughter with lines going back to the Blackbird Mary family, made her way the Brumfield Angus ranch in Michigan. Brumfield describes her as a genomic powerhouse that’s good-footed and attractive from the ground up. She’s also proving to live up to the Tehama reputation of great mama cows. 

The heifer is a big part of the ranch’s future, Brumfield says, but she’s also making waves today. 

A step further

It was the idea of donating something more to the Angus Foundation that had Brumfield asking regional manager Casey Jentz how he could support the Angus breed. Jentz introduced him to the “Fund the Future” campaign, where breeders can donate proceeds from a designated sale lot to benefit the mission of education, youth and research. 

In a full-circle moment, Brumfield designated a flush from Tehma Mary Blackbird J341 as the Fund the Future lot in their 2023 sale offering. 

“It was one of those things where … it just felt right,” he explains. 

Tim Humerick, Double Barrel Angus, says he’d always liked the look and kind of the Tehama females, even back when Brumfield bought the heifer package. 

When the Tennessee breeder saw the Fund the Future logo next to her flush offering in the sale book this past year, he knew he’d be raising his hand on auction day. 

“Just a really good cow, and really good genetics,” he says, reflecting on the decision to make the purchase. But more than that, knowing money would go back to the Angus Foundation, he says, “It was a little easier to bid.” 

Simply put, Humerick says supporting the future of the Angus industry just made him feel good. He has a servant’s heart. From his decision on sale day all the way to the personal trips he takes to Africa to help those less fortunate, Humerick says there’s beauty in giving back. 

“I’ve had people teach me things. I’ve been blessed and people poured into me,” he reflects. “I think that’s what made it easier for me to buy the flush and continue that support.”

What Humerick describes is familiar to Brumfield. 

“It just creates a good, warm feeling in your heart,” Brumfield says. “We all spend our life racing around and … trying to be successful. To do that, you have to put in an incredible amount of time, effort and work. But there’s a lot of different ways to measure success, and one of the best ways to measure success is what you’re giving back.” 

Interested in helping Fund the Future? 

Frank Brumfield, recent participant in the Fund the Future campaign, encourages his peers to consider joining him as a donor. 

“Pick a lot in your sales — pick something special that will resonate,” he says. “It is a great way to give back, and it’s good for your sale, it’s good for the person who buys that lot … take advantage of that opportunity and give something back to the breed and to the people that have given it to you.” 

The campaign allows breeders the unique and flexible opportunity to give back from an annual production, consignment, bull or online genetic sale. Even private treaty animals are eligible. 

A Fund the Future logo will be provided to be placed on the designated sale lot along with an explanation of the campaign’s efforts. Donors are recognized on the Angus Foundation’s website and annual report, as well as published in the Angus Journal

Funds raised go to the Angus Foundation as unrestricted dollars that help underwrite programs like youth leadership conferences, educational programming, resources for membership and the continued advancement of the Angus breed through research projects. 

For more information, contact the Angus Foundation or your regional manager.


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