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  • Miranda Reiman, Angus Media

Upgrading to Angus: Knolls Grew With ET and Consignment Sales

The Angus Conversation shares a first-generation success story.

Steve and Laura Knoll went to their first Angus sale to buy a bull, but quickly found themselves out of their price range. Instead, the couple came home to their Hereford, Texas, ranch with two cow-calf pairs and a new perspective.

“I was so excited leaving that sale that people would get in there and fight over your genetics if you had what they wanted,” says Steve. “It just changed everything.”

The Knolls joined The Angus Conversation to talk about growing their first-generation Angus operation from scratch. Their Salers cows quickly became the recip herd, and their Angus enterprise grew.

“Dad always taught me growing up, you use what you have,” Steve says, noting he wasted no time breeding for what he ultimately wanted. “Carcass is extra money that producer can put in his pocket, and it doesn’t cost any more to make it.”

They’ve been able to focus on carcass and make progress on other goals in tandem at 2 Bar Angus. The Knolls say an added bonus of the breed is the people they’ve met, from chefs and foodservice distributors to fellow producers.

“We have lots and lots of friends in the Angus business,” Laura says. “We go to a lot of functions, and some of our best friends are Angus friends.”

Listen to our latest podcast episode, “The Transformation: Embryo Transfer and Late Nights Turn Knoll Herd into a First-Generation Success Story” by searching for The Angus Conversation anywhere you get your podcasts, or follow this link:


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