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  • Corbin Cowles

Vehicles to Success

Driving your herd forward with genetics.

Aside from the thrill of shopping for a new cornerstone herd sire or donor, I’m not sure anything excites American cattlemen more than searching for a new pickup truck.

Each year, manufacturers roll out their latest models of new vehicles with all the bells and whistles. Some years the new models seem better than others, but as the buying public, our biggest questions stay consistent: what do I need to know? How are these improvements going to help me?

We apply the same concepts to our calf crops every year with genomic testing. Angus GS and HD50K allow us to answer those very same questions for our commercial bull customers about how this information can help their programs.

Confirming accuracy of pedigrees, more accurate calving aase, birth weight, growth, maternal, carcass projections, and many other data points that come along with genomic results can help commercial producers look behind the veil and decipher what bulls will improve their herd.

Is it perfect? No.

Just like vehicles, manufacturers issue recalls as needed to fix some deficiencies, just like our genomic information changes as it becomes available. But year after year, the goal remains the same: give our buying public the best products we can produce.  And with the current tools provided to us, genomic testing can get us closer than we’ve been before.

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