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  • Miranda Reiman, senior associate editor

How do the Leaders Decide?

Dal Porto and Connealy Discuss Decisions on "The Angus Conversation” Podcast.

Decisions, especially in the cattle business, have a way of sticking around for a while; their influence felt long after they’re made.

When retrospect shows they were the right ones, it’s rewarding. But what about when a seedstock producer finds out years down the road that it wasn’t?

“You look in the mirror pretty hard when that happens, because it not only affects your livelihood, but it's affecting your customers, your friends, your neighbors’ livelihoods that have trusted you,” says Jerry Connealy, Whitman, Neb. “I think that's a heavy burden for a seedstock producer to shoulder. And you have to take it pretty serious and try to stay between the white lines.”

Connealy, current American Angus Association president, joined past Board chair David Dal Porto, of Anselmo, Neb., to discuss how they make breeding decisions, current challenges and how they arrive at conclusions while conducting Association business.

“From the Dining Room to the Board Room: Dal Porto and Connealy Discuss Decisions,” went live today on The Angus Conversation. To hear the full episode, view transcripts and show notes, visit


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