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  • Miranda Reiman, senior associate editor

Willis, Noble: Commercial Cattlemen Want It All

From a very young age commercial cattlemen Jordan Willis, Cokeville, Wyo., and Ryan Noble, Yuma, Colo., both had a laser focus career goal: they wanted to ranch.

“They were fantastic cheerleaders and had great encouragement and lots of support, but they never really gave me anything other than a chance.”

Ryan Noble, Yuma, Colo., commercial Angus producer says he is living his dream today because his parents first had faith that he could make a go of it.

He and Jordan Willis, a commercial producer from Cokeville, Wyo., joined The Angus Conversation to talk about their multi-generational family ranches, how their cattle and marketing have evolved and what they need most from their seedstock supplier.

They covered breeding, flexibility in their plans, and continued growth and improvement.

“We sell by the pound, but you know, it's got to be great for the next sectors in the operation too. They’ve got to feed well, they’ve got to hang well and they got to make good mama cows,” Willis says. “We can have it all.”

To listen to the full episode: visit or subscribe to The Angus Conversation on your favorite podcast platform.


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